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New Feature: We’ve Gone Dark(Mode)

Published: March 14, 2023

In the spirit of always making an effort to stay current with contemporary design trends (when they make sense), we’ve redesigned the BludBud web app with a dark mode theme. Along with a handful of other users, I’ve been testing the dark mode redesign for several weeks. Overall, I find it to be an improvement with no downsides to speak of and hope your experience is the same.

Diabetes has been with me long enough now that I’ve begun to develop retinopathy in my eyes. My right eye is the worst offender (I’ve been diagnosed as having “severe” retinopathy in that eye). I mention this because I have found, after lots and lots of A/B comparing the light mode versus the dark mode design themes, that the dark mode is significantly easier for me to interact with.

Going forward and depending on user feedback, it may be pertinent to build in a preference such that each individual user can easily choose which mode is preferable. Beyond that, there may be a need to build in additional accessibility features as well. We’ll continue to stay tuned for your feedback!

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