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Announcing The BludBud Web App!

Published: March 2, 2022

I created a web app to help me manage my diabetes a little better. I had a notion that if I could see my blood glucose trends, I might learn something and be able to improve my diabetes management — the goal being to live better and be stronger. That notion has proven to be correct.

Having a single place to log all of my blood glucose measurements regardless of which test kit I was using, or which device I happened to have handy at the moment (laptop, smartphone, tablet), or where I happened to be on the planet has been invaluable for me in terms of tightening up my blood glucose control. For that reason, I made the decision to give that aforementioned web app a name (BludBud obviously), polish it up a bit and open it up to the public with the hope it might have a positive impact on others as well. It’s been a fun project and feels worthwhile.

BludBud is intended to be simple, quick and fun to use. The idea being the more you log your blood glucose measurements, the more you will learn about your trends. The more insight you have about your trends, the better armed you are to make decisions to positively impact your blood glucose management — again, the goal being to feel better and be stronger. I sincerely hope it works as well for you as it has for me.

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