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BUG [FIXED]: User Appears to be Logged-In When Logged-Out

Published: June 17, 2022

Bug Reported by: Anonymous user at approximately 4pm EST, 6/16/2022.

Time to Resolution: This issue was corrected within 24 hours of being reported at approximately 11:00am EST 6/17/2022.

Background: Both BludBud (your blood glucose log and trend/chart) and The BludBud Shop use cookies to personalize and enhance your experience. These cookies are only accessible by the aforementioned applications. They are not accessible by any third parties or applications (nor will they ever be).

Symptoms: Users affected by the bug may have noticed that they appeared as though they were logged into BludBud when in actuality, they were logged out. This may have resulted in the inability of a user to 1) log blood glucose values, 2) view their blood glucose chart properly and 3) log into BludBud.

Root Cause Analysis: The root cause for this bug was a naming conflict in a cookie written by the BludBud and BludBud Shop applications. The conflict was resolved by modifying the name of a cookie that BludBud writes.

Impact: No personal data were breeched, or affected in any way, as a result of this bug.

Resolution: From a user perspective, the resolution for this bug is to clear your web browser cache and history such that the next time you visit BludBud, the files which include the bug fix are downloaded by your web browser.

Note About Bugs: As hard as we try to get ahead of them, bugs happen from time to time. It’s intrinsic to software development. In our opinion, the important thing is how we deal with them. Given that this is our first user reported bug, it seems like an opportune time to mention that we take every single one of them seriously and will make every effort to crush them as quickly as we can so you (and me) can get on with the important task of logging blood glucose values for better health. We will be transparent about their causes, resolutions, and any impacts, always. I don’t know whether to celebrate or curse our inaugural bug (I’ll figure that out at some point). In the meantime, I sincerely and personally apologize for any inconvenience this bug may have caused any of our users — Brent Pocker, BludBud Developer.

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