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The Benefits of A Comprehensive Blood Glucose Log

Published: March 3, 2022

Over the years, I’ve found having a comprehensive log of all my blood glucose test results in one place has transcended the many test kits and handful of doctors I’ve had. It’s proven to be an excellent conversation starter with my doctors and given them a clear idea of what my trends are like — which has resulted in them having an advantage in terms of helping me improve my diabetes management.

If you’ve been monitoring your blood glucose for a while you may have found yourself in a situation where you need to change the equipment or system you use to accomplish the task. For example, I’ve lost a meter and had to replace it with something different because my old monitor is no longer available. Another scenario I’ve experienced is one in which I’ve changed health insurance companies and the new insurance company doesn’t cover my monitor or testing supplies and I end up being forced to get a different and covered testing setup to remain cost effective. I’ve also commonly stashed monitors in different places so I’ve always got one nearby and ready to roll at test time.

The point is, over the long haul (and diabetes is a marathon indeed), you’re likely going to find yourself with your blood glucose measurement results being here and there and everywhere over time. This is where BludBud has been so helpful to me. Having a comprehensive, one stop shop for my blood glucose history has been not only convenient but downright valuable in my diabetes management.

A final note on the topic. These days, diabetes monitoring and management is becoming incredibly advanced thanks to amazing and welcome advances in technology. Even with these advances, in some cases, your blood glucose data is stored in a proprietary and inaccessible format. BludBud solves this (potential) issue by making your data portable.

Final final note. Having said all of the above, what really matters is that you have the tools you need to manage your blood glucose well. If BludBud is a good fit for you, I welcome you to our community of users — Be well!

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